How would the Saturn Transit 2020 be for various Ascendants?

“Saturn the God of justice”

Transiting Saturn will ingress to the Capricorn sign on 24th January 2020, since Saturn will leave Sagittarius sign and t will free with association with Ketu respectively. Since two natural malefic viz Saturn and Ketu will free from it’s long term conjunction.

As we knows Saturn is a heavy malefic and known best for the hardships and experiences of resentments due to the failures and many other unwanted happenings. Thus it is best for all and worst for those who works against to nature of Shani. Vedic texts depicts it’s significance it represents for the grief and sorrow, impediments, failures but contrary to this Saturn gives high rises and doubled your success through it’s effects. Similarly Saturn demands hard work and struggle to get the nectar in the form of success.

For Various Ascendant or Moon signs during it’s transiting phase Saturn will deliver it’s effects in various forms, though struggle can be expected during this phase but success will also come to you through various channels. Remember No PAIN NO GAIN, similarly during this phase you have to take pains to attract gains.

Let’s have a look for the results for various Ascendants:


For Arian transiting Saturn would be to the 10th house, as it is the house for profession, hence Saturn may success to the professional-front. You may get the support of your luck at distant place hence likely to make progress at a distant place. Your chances of travelling to foreign or distant lands will be very high. Your health could be disturbed. You might have a sleep disorder. There could be some problem related to your eyes too. You may have differences with your father.


It would be better if you live in the present and think less about the future. You will withstand pressure and difficulties when those around you fall. Hard work is your forte and your efforts could be rewarded at your non-professional.

Your decision-making power would be affected; you may be in a confused state of mind. This will affect your health and disturb your schedules. But, a positive approach and thinking should be needed from your side to be in sound health. If you drive any vehicle a check on its speed and maintenance will be the need of this phase.


It would create unwanted situations at your workplace; this may create a depression in your mind. You would find yourself to work properly and feel low in energy.

With regards to the monetary front You can also expect some financial gains during post June 2020.

Regular physical exercise with meditation or Pranayam is the mantra for good health in this phase.


Your financial planning should be in the guidance of either the family members or the subject experts. Somehow it may also create the temperamental fluctuations, it would also bring positives to boost your confidence, out of which your performance will improve your satisfaction. this is the time of enjoying your business sector and leads the lavish life. Your social status would also increase. Some auspicious happenings could also be a part of your happiness.


It is likely to lead you to depressive thoughts in regards to your relationships, therefore delay wisely with the tricky and provocative situations. Patience is the key to harmony in this phase of life. The transition of Saturn over your 6th house may create negativity for your near ones, which is why it would be wise to have a positive approach.

As due to the enemity in Sun and Saturn, this transit may affect your health, therefore keep eye to your health, avoid to take risks, deals wisely with your loved ones and with the colleagues.


You will have clarity of what you have to achieve. Since your genuine efforts will ultimately yield results. This year will be the right time for experimenting with new ideas and for conceptualization.

From the beginning of this quarter, you will handle your relationship with a more direct approach. This quarter will help strengthen the knots of your personal relationship. But arguments may occur more often as you will be unable to compromise on your principles and standards. You will now enthusiastically take the initiative to achieve harmony and fulfillment in your life.


You must avoid getting involved in serious debates with your closed ones. The period up to 23 July 2020, demanding to deal the provocative situations with cool mind and remain calm and composed. Try to be accommodating and take care of the needs of your near and dear ones.

Some expenses towards buying a vehicle are either expected or foreseen in this quarter.

Government-related works will incur expenses in this period. You will need to skillfully finalize economic dealings.


This quarter may begin with a negative note in regards to a fiscal segment. In any economic affairs, cautious moves are highly needed in this otherwise chances of making wrongful decisions are foreseen. However, period post March 2020 shall turn in your favour. You may see benefits in all your financial dealings. It is a favourable time to undertake any documentation work related to the financial segment. But, it is highly advised to avoid taking any haphazard decision pertaining to property or other assets. You may see a gradual improvement in your economic affairs. Short-term investments are unlikely to provide huge benefits.

Some constraints may hamper your working schedules. But, on the whole, your genuine efforts will ultimately yield results.


You will have distant and foreign travels. There may be health issues to the ears. You are also advised to have planned and strategic management of your wealth. You would give a good speech and would write well. You would uplift art and create spirituality. You will be learned, will also enjoy happiness from your children. You will be more focused on speculative work. You would involve in adventures to make your life more interesting. You would get benefit, or you would earn from writing, music, entertainment and sports field of profession.


Certain conditions may demand patience and thoughtfulness to maintain harmony in your relationship. For you, it is necessary to guard yourself against becoming inflexible and stubborn. However, this can be the right time for you to clear-up past unsolved issues.

You may see benefits in all your financial dealings. It is a favourable time to undertake any documentation work related to the financial segment. Care should be taken while doing monetary transactions and investment of capital.


For students, the year 2020 is greatly beneficial making them quickly comprehend what they read and learn. You will have much of your intelligence, you will be able to easily express your opinions.

For business professionals the year 2020, going to reward through the new ventures. Whereas for job persons if you’re planning for the oversees job then this may be the perfect phase to apply for the overseas jobs.


Transiting Saturn will bless with the gains and success, because this house is considered as the Upachaya House, together with the transiting Saturn is adding icing to the cake.

Property related deals may bring huge returns, if you’re planning to purchase your own home then, this is the perfect phase to hit the bulls eye.

As transiting Saturn will aspect 3rd 5th and 7th houses, it means that, you will feel yourself more communicative and filled with the intellectual ideas, and also get support from your spouse to achieve desired success. Harmony at the domestic front help you to bring good and desired changes to your life, even some religious trips can be expected.

In order to derive good results from transiting Saturn recite below suggested Mantra on every Saturday’s:

नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम् ।

छायामार्तण्डसंभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् ॥


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