How Cheating or Betrayal is Already in Your Birth Chart ?

How Cheating or Betrayal is Already in Your Birth Chart ?

As, many of us gets cheating (Dhokha) or frauds from our known ones or even after someone from the close relatives. As there are some rules as per the Vedic and Lal Kitab astrology, that planet posited in the 10th from the planet may cheat or betray you during the annual movement of the planets.

As per Vedic Astrology, positioning of the planets 6/8 (Shadashtak) distance from each other harms the significance both planets as well that’s posited houses too. For e.g. Moon and Venus are 6/8 (Shadashtak) distance, then there will be problems related to mother, finance, mental peace, health plus house will also be affected

These issues can be corrected by making small changes or by displacing the things from the specific direction, because each house of the horoscope represents specific direction of house and body parts.

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