What is Pitru Dosha and What are the Effective Remedies ?

What is Pitru Dosha and What are the Effective Remedies ?

Pitru dosh is a karmic debt of Ancestors. Person who is facing problems in the present life are all because of neglect to the ancestors and the origin of problems are the results of annoyed forefathers, so now person is going to pay the karmic debt and it effects person in various sphere of life until the debt is not cleared.

Formation of Pitru Dosha

Afflicted Jupiter and Sun in the birth chart along with the afflicted 1,2,5,9 houses with Shani, Rahu/Ketu gives the formation of Pitru Dosha.

Best Remedies for Pitru Dosha Curse

Some Simple and Best Remedies for Pitru Dosha Curse:

If the person really wants to be free from panic effects of Pitru Dosh, the one should perfroms Shradh Pooja to pacify the soul of departed forefathers and ancestors.

  1. Performing Shradh Pooja during Pitru Paksha on kirshna paksh of Bhadrapad-Ashwin (Septemeber-October) month is very auspicious to pacify soul of departed ancestors.
  2. Read Bhagavad Gita it minimize the effects of pitru dosa.
  3. Donate grains on Amavasya to need people.
  4. Donate medicines in the hospitals.
  5. Offer water to Sun everyday. The water should not touch your feet use bucket and offer this water into plants.
  6. Offering Pind Dan is also one of the great ways to pacify soul of departed ancestors.
  7. Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday.
  8. Offer water to peepal tree.
  9. Offer food to departed ancestors during Shradh Pooja.
  10. Narayan Bali is performed to satisfy the unsatisfied desires of Ancestors souls.
  11. Feed cows and fish the rice balls made up of cooked rice and Ghee.
  12. Offering prayers to Sun and chanting Gayatri mantra are other ways to strengthen position of Sun in horoscope and reduce troubles invoked by Pitra Dosh.
  13. Adorn 5 Mukhi Rudraksha to get divine blessings of Jupiter.
  14. Ruby and Yeelo Sapphire can be worn if these are in good houses of birth chart.


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