Effects of Moon-Venus Conjunction in 12 Houses

Effects of Moon-Venus Conjunction in 12 Houses

Venus and Moon both are soft nature planets, if Venus signifies luxuries, desires, lifestyle, comforts then Moon makes one able to enjoy the comforts given by Venus. Though both helps us soothing the life and mind.

If one has all comforts and living wealthy life it means something is lacking in the chart whether it could be due to Moon or many other astrological factors which restricts one to enjoy life whatever he or she gets.

Let’s have quick look to their results various houses:

1st house – As 1st house is a favorable house for the natural benefic planets and they get blossoms in the Kendra or Trine houses. Similarly 1st house is a most auspicious place for the natural benefics as – Moon and Venus.

Since 1st house represents our body, physique, complexion, attraction of face and strength of our body, if Venus or Moon conjoins in the 1st house or Ascendant then It gives attractive look, sweet voice, well organized beautiful set of teeth and beautiful attractive bluish eyes.

Native attains success in endeavors due to the fit and strong body, because healthy body supports our mind and gives good mental support through which native can do any work and attains success also.

  • 2nd house – good financial inflow, sweet voice, talkative, easy money making, fond of sweets.
  • 3rd house – good communication capabilities, support from the co-born, good in public dealing.
  • 4th house – enjoys conveyance, properties, good mental abilities, good relations with mother.
  • 5th house – fond of sex, lovable, attractive, good love life.
  • 6th house – opposition’s from opposite sex, problems in enjoying life’s comfort.
  • 7th house – beautiful fair complexioned wife, harmonious relations with spouse.
  • 8th house – secret love affairs, extra marital affairs, delay in marriage.
  • 9th house – lucky after marriage, enjoys long journeys with spouse or love partner, fortunate.
  • 10th house – marriage with the colleague, rise in career after marriage,
  • 11th house – native enjoys pleasures of life, gains after marriage.
  • 12th house – good married life, satisfaction from bed pleasures, wealth from assets or property dealings.

Note: any affliction to their signs from the malefic planets or Lords of 6, 8, 12 houses may spoil the good effects of Venus and Moon, therefore correlate accordingly.

How to Strengthen Moon and Venus:

Moon remedies

  • For Moon donate milk on every Monday’s.
  • Worship Lord Shiva.
  • Chant Beej Mantra of Moon.
  • Respect and care to your mother if not have then take care other as like mother or old lady.
  • Adorn Pearl if Moon is a lord of auspicious houses.

Venus remedies

  • For Venus donate white flowers to Goddess Parvati ji.
  • Donate scented articles – perfumes or beautiful clothes to females.
  • Respect to females.
  • Donate curd, camphor, Pure ghee, cotton on Friday’s.
  • Adorn White Topaz, Opal or Zircon if Venus is lord of auspicious houses in your chart.


Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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