What is Mangal Dosha-All About Facts Related to Mangal Dosha

Formation of Mangal Dosha

Primarily we need to understand how Mangal Dosha forms. When Mars occupies the 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses from Lagna during birth, then it give the arise of Mangal Dosha. In a same manner the potency of Mangal Dosha is also seen from Moon and Venus also.

Mangal Dosh in girls

In case of girls, 2nd house is also given an importance to astrological classical texts, because 2nd house is seen for the family of girl and 2nd house is also a house of in-laws, so Mangal in 2nd house affects the relations with in-laws.

Does Mangal Dosh affects married life?

Mars is a fiery, hostile and energetic planet and gives issues related to marriage and married life, if one is unmarried then it gives delay, if Manglik and Non-Manglik marry with each others then, it creates problems in married life.

Though the effects of the Moon and Jupiter trim the negative effects of the Mars if Mars is forming any connection in the chart with them.

Can Manglik and Non-Manglik marry ?

It is must that, partner should be a Manglik, to form compatibility between the feelings and relations of couples. But in many cases due to ignorance, non belief, love marriage, community reasons, and many others sometimes it often seems that, one of the partner is Manglik and another one is not! But marriage goes happily.

Reason behind is strength of the Mars is subject to the happy or suffocated married life. If Mars would be be weak or there would be neutralization of Manglik Dosha then, the compensating factors may help to enjoy married life.

Mangal Dosha and it’s effects

Problems associated with the Mangal Dosha:

It leads to many problems like – daily tiff, misunderstandings, difference in opinion, separation, divorce and many more. Though for marital life problems certain other factors are also seen, so we cant blame only to Manglik factor, if happiness is promised in your chart then stars will automatically form the circumstances in getting compatible life partner, but if problems are promised then, as much you can find compatible life partner, problems will surely occur in your married life.

All astrological factors are must to see before marriage, Manglik Dosha should be avoided, because skipping of any astrological factor before marriage, costs huge and disturb complete life.

How to remove Mangal Dosh any remedies ?

There are 2 types of remedies which are done before the marriage which are;

Kumbh Vivah/Shaligram vivah

Marriage is followed by doing marriage with the earthen pot or Shaligram (Vishnu ji) 1st before the actual marriage, this process devitate the negative of Mangal Dosha in married life.

Mangal Dosha Shanti Niwaran Puja

Puja is followed by the donation related to Mars and recitation of the beej mantra of Mangal by doing homam of Mangal to pacify the fiery impact of Mangal.

Mangala Chandika Strotra should be recited daily for 21 times for 108 consecutive days.

Are you excited to know some more facts related to Mangal Dosha?….

Some questions and answers related to Mangal Dosha..

What are low and high Mangal Dosha and what are their effects?

Low Mangal dosha is considered in case of, when mangal is not present in the 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses from Venus or Moon. I intensity of Mangal Dosha is decided from the presence of Mangal in the above said houses from Lagna, Moon and Venus.

What is the difference between low Mangal Dosha and high Mangal Dosha?

Low Mangal is less harmful, but high Mangal Dosha is capable to create many problems in married life.

If a girl has a high Mangal Dosha and a boy does not, what are the remedies?

In this case, both are Manglik, but one of them is having high mangal so, pacification of mangal of high intensity individual is done by doing puja and donations related to Mars.

Can I marry a Manglik girl if I’m not one? Is the Mangal Dosha sign real?

Yes ! Why not, sometimes, many of us or even the astrology software calculate the mangal dosha wrongly, but actually if Mangal is effective from the Lagna then, it is not as much effective from the Moon and Venus so anyone can marry to having no Mangal Dosha.

I have a low mangal dosh and my partner has high mangal dosh so the marriage is preferable?

Yes, you can marry but, pacification of Mangal Dosha before marriage is must.

Can a boy with a high Mangal Dosha marry a girl with a low Mangal Dosha vice versa?

Yes, they can marry but, it is must to get the exact calculation of Mangal Dosha done by the experienced astrologer to find the intensity and solutions of Mangal Dosha.

What are the effects of a low Mangal Dosha?

Even low or high Mangal dosha is negative for the happy married life, if anyone not maintaining the happiness and balance in between them, so mangal dosha is not a big factor, must is to maintain the perfect balance in married life to negate the negative impact of mangal or any dosha.

I am having low mangal dosha and the girl has no mangal dosha matching 31.5 points? How can we take this forward?

Points doesn’t matters if planets are also supportive for the happy married life, often seems that, many have good points but having problematic married life, so the essential factor for the happy married life is – LOVE, which helps to enjoy married life.

Does Mangal Dosha get cancelled in a second marriage?

Yes, there are lots of factors which gives cancellation of mangal dosha, but it’s a subject of manual calculation by experienced astrologer.

Mangal dosha remains effective at till what age?

Mangal Dosha is a positioning of mars in our natal chart, so it means you will remain under the effects of Mars over full life, but the energy of Mars slow-down after the age of 28 years.


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