Why Misfortune is Chasing You Everywhere ?….

Why Misfortune is Chasing You Everywhere ?

Though life is not a bed of roses, but some native found as much more struggling or entrapped in to the severe problems of life. Problems and tough circumstances are carry forwarded from the past life Karmas, but in the present birth birth native commits the same deeds of bad Karmas which are the cause of problems in the present birth.

For e.g. if Sun or Moon are afflicted in the birth chart, then rather to spoil the relations with father or father do your best to take care of them and get their blessings to emerge our from the negative influence of Sun and Moon.

Similarly if Venus is afflicted then, respect females or wife.

Afflicted Mars demands to make healthy relations with siblings.

Saturn Rahu or Ketu are malefic energies but their influence in the life are capable to create turbulence in your life, so don’t increase their negative energies by scornful behaviors to the lower cadre people, poor, or helpless persons. Even smoking, alcohol or Non-veg also directly boost the negative energies of these malefics, so adhere to the vegetarian diet.

Why Misfortune is Chasing You Everywhere ?

Help from Astrology

Astrology may help you if you really wants difference in your life, your sincere actions will help you to derive positive reactions in life.

Attune yourself with the energies of stars and by analyzing your horoscope to find which stars of negative conjunctions (Dosha or Curse) are resulting problems in your life.

Somehow you may find relief with delay because the problems are not related to the present birth, but your sincere devotion and constant efforts help you to find relief from the past life karmas.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Take care of your planets and relations with others.

Don’t get into harmful addictions to overcome the stress

Moving is Healthy

Accept your negative emotions

Be happy & spread happiness

Bring positive change to your attitude


Astro Subhash

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