Importance of 10th House in Astrology

10th house in astrology

10th house is seen for the career and professional life and strength of the 10th house lord and aspects of the friendly planets to the 10th house lord in it decides what will the career life – smooth or challenging. So here I have addressed some answers related to the 10th house, in which you may find your answers related to the career life.

Are you interested to know Questions and Answers related to 10th house ?….

Is 5 or 6 planets in conjunction in the 10th house good or bad? I have heard people tell it often leads a native to get confused in his career path. Is this true?

Answer: Sometimes it gives confusions related to career life, but in every time it doesn’t. Primarily we have to understand the quality of planets which are conjoined in the 10th house, then we have to consider the degrees of planets, if planets are friends in each other then it will bring good results.

Whereas if there are 2 or 1 planet is friendly to anyone of the planet in the conjunction then, it will help in maintaining the good results related to the 10 house or any house just like this.

What is the significance of having 5 planets in 10th house in a horoscope?

Answer: 5 planets in the 10th house of career indicates that, you are multi talented and you are capable to work in any circumstances whether it is favorable or unfavorable, this is the quality of more than one planet in any house.

Does an empty 10th house mean no success?

Answer: No ! Never, it doesn’t means that, any empty house would not deliver results. Whenever planet transits from one house to another house it comes in the own house during every transit, similarly whenever 10th house lord comes to this house it brings lots of good results to the 10th house.

Does the profession depend on Dasha or the 10th house?

Answer: Profession of any individual is decided by the 10th lord supportive houses are 2, 6, 10, 11. However dasha of supportive planet to the 10th house lord, delivers very auspicious results related to the 10th house.

What is the effect of the 10th lord in the 5th house?

Answer: 10th house is denotes profession and 5th house is a house of mentality, intelligence and inclinations. When 10th house lord makes any connection with the 5th house lord then, native gains a lot in life due to his or her intelligence and sharp mental bent.

What will be the debilitated sun in 10th house?

Answer: Sometimes planet appears debilitated in the, but the thorough analysis of horoscope reveal the complete information whether it is debilitated or not. However if still planet is debilitated in the 10th house, then it brings lack of success in career life and career life remains full of hurdles and failures.

What is the difference between 5th lord in 7th house and 7th lord in 5th house in Vedic astrology?

Answer: It’s a Parivartan Yoga between the planets, if two friendly planets makes any Parivatan or displacement between the houses then it brings lots of good effects related to the houses. Whereas in your case it is a perfect combination of successful married life and also a successful love life.

What is the effect of 4 planets (Su, Me, Sa, Ve) in the 10th house?

Answer: Sun –Mercury are friends in each other and Mercury is also a friend of Venus and Saturn, so in this case, this stellium will not harm 10th house, rather this conjunction is favorable for the career related prospects and help you to grow in your career life. Though, it is must to maintain a discipline is your career life, because Saturn in 10th house demands strict discipline and constant efforts to bring success.

Shani Shukra Mangal in 10th house good for future in job

Answer: Yes, these three planets are good for the career life, because Venus alone is good for the Mars and also a friend of Saturn, so Venus would help you in maintaining the good effects of Shani and Mangal. However you should maintain a discipline is your career life, because Saturn in 10th house demands strict discipline and constant efforts to bring success.

Mangal Guru Shukra yuti in 10th house

Answer: This is a wonderful formulation in your 10th house, because 2 gurus – Daitya and Dev guru are in your 10th house of career and Mangal is also associated with them. Since overall formulation is positive for the career life, but in time to time you may some confusions related to career life, somewhere you may face some challenges reled to the perfect and suitable career.

Which stream to choose after 10th to become a custom house agent?

Answer: Choosing the best career or education stream is quite easy to find out through astrology. An astrologer assess your birth chart and strength of the planets to guide you the most suitable higher education which will be beneficial for you to rise in your career life. You are advised to contact any experienced astrologer for the assessment of your horoscope.

Surya Shani yuti in 10th house

Answer: Sun and Saturn are two opposite nature planets, as we knows they are in close relation and are father and son, Sun is a father and Saturn is a son, but both are true blooded enemy of each others. If they are not getting any supportive aspect from the friendly planets then, these are capable to create many problems in career life.

11th Lord combust in 10th house in Mesha Rasi

Answer: 11th house is seen for the gains in life, if 11th lord goes debilitated in the 10th house of profession, then it may lead to some issues related to career life. You may grow st the slower rate in your professional life, your friends and known may grow fast as compared to you. There could be more failures in career life.

Mars Moon and Shukra in 10th house from Lagna

Answer: This is a wonderful conjunction of 3 friends in the carer house, you will experience success and growth in your career life but by applying your courage, enthusiasm and positive efforts, because Mars is a planet of energy, similarly you have to apply your energies in the right direction rather to conserve it.

Does exalted Jupiter in 10th house bring bad results in Tula Lagna?

Answer: As per the Kaal Purusha Kundali 10th house is Capricorn and Jupiter in 10th sign considered as debilitated, in your case due to weak state of Jupiter, there could some sort of struggles and hardships in career life, because Jupiter is a soft planet and it’s positioning in the Karma House, is not expected to bring good results.

Ketu and Saturn aspects Mars in 10th house for Scorpio ascendant ?

Answer: Ketu is a planet of dissatisfaction and detachment and Saturn is a planet of grief and hardships and their aspects on the Mars in your 10th house, may make you dissatisfied related to your career life. There could be some duality in the thoughts related to the career matters.

Will an exalted Jupiter in 9th house cancel the negative effects of shrapit yoga in 10th house?

Answer: Jupiter is a planet of divine grace and it’s strength in the birth chart trims the negative influence in the form of any dosha, curse etc, so you can exect the good results from the Jupiter, because it is posited in the 9th house of luck and this is a favorable seat for the Jupiter.

Moon in 10th house and Saturn in 11th house which career should I choose.

Answer: Mon in 10th house, indicating the job which will be full of immovability, communication and also it could be job related to foreign. Further the Saturn in the 11th house of gains indicating you will earn through your efforts only and for this you may have some delays also, but at last you will be the winner. Since Shani is a master of delays and it could create some delays in getting the results.

Can some one wear red coral if Mars in 10th House Gemini with 17 degree for Dhanu lagna?

Answer: No, in your case Red Coral would not be suggested, since for the Red Coral best ascendants are Aries, Cancer, Leo Sagittarius and Pisces.

I have Sagittarius ascendent having Ketu in 4th house and Rahu in 10th house which is malefic Rahu or Ketu

Answer: Since Rahu is head and Ketu is tail and both works in a different manners, Ketu in 4th house could make you some irritated, dissatisfied and less interested for the worldly pleasures, it may also create some health issues to your mother’s health.

Whereas Rahu in the 10th house is good, if you are working according to the Rahu, since Rahu gives success in very less time, but for this you have to work in the career life with intelligence and efforts in the right direction.

Mangal is in 9th house Moon is in 4th house and others in 10th House what is the result

Answer: Mangal in 9th house making you lucky, because it’s a favorable seat for the Mars. You will gain in your life through efforts, so keep constant your momentum. Whereas Moon in the 4th house is another auspicious placement and due to this you may have all sort of luxuries and comforts in life, because of the blessings from your mother. Other planet in the 10th house are harnessing your career life, by and large your planets are supportive for your life.

Should I believe that Guru in transition to 10th house will cause problems to job?

Answer: Though Guru is a planet of blessings, divine grace, happiness and success. Since it’s transit to your 10th house of profession may create some sort of turbulence, but the another face of Jupiter for you is very supportive, because your ascendant lord is Mars and both are friends in each other, so in the worst case scenarios Mars will trim the negative impact of Jupiter due to the unfavorable transit.

Ketu remedy in 10th house in Libra ascendant

Answer: Ketu in 10th house indicates some dissatisfaction’s related to the career life, so remedies are must to deviate the negative impact of Ketu. You are suggested to adorn 9 Mukhi Rudraksha, recite Ketu’s beej mantra to pacify it.

Recitation of Mantra should be done by sitting on the dual colored, black and white blanket, and chant Mantra by Rudraksh rosary.

Offer food to the helpless dogs.

Mars is in Virgo the 10th House Mercury is in 11th house what career will be wealthy.

Answer: Mars and Mercury indicating the career which deals with the energy and intelligence, thus career related to insurance, printing press, consultations, public relation, property dealing, construction will be the most suitable profession for you.

Mutual aspect of 1st house lord in 10th house lord

Answer: These types of aspects are considered as the good aspects, since lagna lord is making the good relation with the 10th house of Karma, due to this you will earn through your sincere efforts in life and you will be courageous to overcome the challenges which may come to your way in the path of career.

Does having Saturn in 10th or 6th house gives you betraying bosses and colleagues?

Answer: No, it never happens, because Saturn is not a planet of betrayal. There are the chances that aspects of the Rahu and Mercury and afflicted state of Sun might leading some problems like this in your career life. Since Rahu is a deceptive and illusive planet and Sun is seen for the good relations with the higher ups and colleagues, so any affliction to these could be the cause of various problems associated with the career life.

Shani Shukra Mangal in 10th house good for future in job

Answer: Yes ! This combination of 3 planets is good for your future career life, because Venus is friend of Saturn and Mars and this combination help the planets posited in the 10th house to work for the betterments in your career life, but in time to time some confusions related to the career life may dominate in the mind and may lead to the directionless.

I hope these Q&A would be helpful.


Astro Subhash

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