What happens when Jupiter is debilitated in the 7th house of horoscope?

As Jupiter is the planet of happiness, wealth and prosperity, it’s a natural benefic planet and placement of Jupiter in any Kendra or Trikona Houses increases it’s beneficence to bless the native with it’s divine grace but some factors changes the theme of benefic Jupiter from benefic to neutral or malefic.

Since 7th house is seen for the marriage, married life happiness, and partnership. If 7th house is devoid from the benefic aspects and any of the planet occupies the 7th house and gets afflicted here then it harms the benefic aspects of 7th house, similarly Jupiter is benefic planet and if it is afflicted in the 7th house then it harms the significance of 7th house also significance of the Jupiter also may get harmed.

Results of debilitated Jupiter in 7th house:

it causes delays in marriage

financial problems after marriage

Affects married life happiness

Causes problems in business partnerships

health issues to the spouse

These are some unfavorable effects subjected to the affliction of Jupiter, on the other hand if Jupiter is getting the aspects of the supportive and friendly planets then it gains it’s strength and gives some relief from the above said problems.

Disruptions in life occurs if Jupiter is not in the healthy state, thereby all sort of happiness for which Jupiter is significtor get harmed.


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