Rahu Mahadasha Bad Effects and Effective Remedies

Rahu is a top graded malefic planet, it may give you good results or may cause lots of problems during it’s Mahadasha phase. Though it depends on it’s positioning in the natal chart, if it is afflicted or ill placed in the chart then it will results adversely during Mahadasha phase, whereas good or neutral positioning in the chart may tend to results as per it’s strength or positioning in the chart. So results may vary as per the conditions of it in the chart.

How can we negate any inauspicious conjunction of planets like Shani/Rahu?

Saturn and Rahu are top grade malefic planets. Rahu signifies revolutionary mindset, illusions, hypnosis, hallucinations, awfulness, sudden incidence, unrecognized disease and it gives awareness. Whereas, Saturn may put you under financial and personal stress, create frequent obstacles and stop you from achieving success easily. Saturn will challenge you and if you do not rise up to the challenge then you may face failure.