KP Prashna Kundali, How to Predict Recovery From Disease

Health Problems KP Astrology

Planetary combinations indicates the possibilities of diseases and health sufferings and solutions can also be find through astrology. Generally the adverse and weak positioning of the stars are responsible for the health issues because, stars works in the pure form of inauspicious planetary significations.

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In KP Astrology, 6th house denotes illness, 12th house is house for the hospitalization, whereas 5th house is a 12th house of 6th house and if the upcoming planetary dasha and antardasha phase planets are signifying the 5 and 11 house then, native will recover from the health issues.

Whereas, Dasha, Transit and other factors indicate how long illness will commence. Weak and affected state of Ascendant lord, is a primary indication for the weak constitution of body, together with this the thorough analysis of related divisional charts reveals complete truth about the health.

Recovery From Illness

Planets signifying the houses 5, 11 or 5,6,11 will help in the recovery from the illness, so check the dasha sequence and supportive planets to conclude for the time-frame of recovery from the illness.

As, for good health the prime focus goes to the Ascendant or lagna lord, it directly represents the status of health, if it is weak then, native easily catches the health issues in the time period of unfavorable dasha and transit phases.

Remedies for weak lagna lord:

  • Practical solutions are many but it is must to make the perfect blend of Astrological and practical solutions to boost the energy of Ascendant, similarly many ways which are suggested to boost the strength of planet are as follows;
  • Performing donation planet related to Ascendant.
  • Chant Beej Mantra related to the Ascendant lord.
  • Use of gemstones and Rudraksha helps in the strengthening of lagna lord.
  • Increase the use of colors in our daily life to the planet associated with the Ascendant.


Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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