What is Nadi Dosha and it’s Cancellation Rules? How to Remove Impact By Using Remedies

Nadi Dosha

In our vedic Astrology Ashtkoota milan done before marriage in this Ashtkootas 1 important koota is Nadi thee are very serious and bad effects couple faces if same Nadi having both individuals then problem persists regarding progeny.

Are you excited to know about Nadi Dosha?….

Types of Nadi

Nadi is of 3 types: –

1. Adi,

2. Madhya, and

3. Antya

Under which nadi native is born depends on the nakshatra and it’s charan or Pada.

How Nadi Dosha forms

Positioning of Moon in the specified Nakshatra indicates about the birth Nakshatra in which native is born, thus Nakshatra of both couples can be identified by checking the Moon occupied Nakshatra.
Suppose, if both girl or a boy’s Nakshatra padas forms the clash of quarters (Charan Vedha) then it forms Nadi Dosha.

  • if Boy’s Nakshatra is Hasta and it’s Charan is – 1st
  • Girl’s Nakshatra is – Jyeshtha and it’s Charan or Pada is 4th then there will be clash between the Nakshatra quarters and this causes Nadi Dosha.
  • further there are some more Nakshatra Padas or Charans which leads to the formation of Nadi Dosha which are as follows
  • If Boy and Girl are born in the Nakshatra Pada of:- 2 & 3

Cancellation of Nadi Dosha if,

The ill effect is negligible or neutralized in case of boy and girl having Nakshatra pada like:- 1&3, and 2&4. ‘Pada Vedha’ extends, because these Padas of Nakshtra never coincides or clashes between each other. So in a simple words if padas of nakshatra coincide or clashes in between boy or girl’s Nakshtra Padas then, Nadi Dosha will form.

In this table you would better understand that, 1st pada of boy nakshatra is forming Vedha to 4th pada of girl’s Nakshatra, so charans which are creating vedha in this case Nadi Dosha will persist.

Nakshatra Pada of boyNakshatra Pada of girl
Nadi Dosha Cancelation

Some Rules for the Cancellation of Nadi Dosha:-

Note: With the manual assessment a learned astrologer can find the cancellation of Nadi Dosha, because it’s a manual process, computer generated reports never gives the actual points of match making because, these works in the standard form of calculation.

Some Other Cancellation Rules of Nadi Dosha,

1. Same nakshatra Pada but different Rashi are not considered as bad.

2. If the Boy and the girl are born in the different Nakshatra, but Rashi are same.

There are 8 koota or match matching factors as follows:

  1. Varna
  2. Vashya
  3. Tara
  4. Yoni
  5. Maitri
  6. Gana
  7. Bhakoot
  8. Nadi

Total of these Koota is 36, similarly if someone gets 18 points out of 36 points, then marriage can be suggested, but in case of less than 18 points marriage is not suggested, because somewhere above Koota’s are compromising with the good points.

Effects of Nadi Dosha

  • According to sage Narada, even if all other kootas are compatible, Nadi Dosha till needs to be avoided because this dosha is highly inauspicious and deadly for the couple.
  • According to Varahmihir if both have Aadi Nadi, it would result in separation or divorce and result into extremely miserable married life with widowhood.
  • Aadi Nadi is deadly for the husband, Madhya is deadly for both while Antya Nadi would result into death of wife.
  • Sage Vasishtha is said to differ from the above views. he professed death of husband in case of Madhya Nadi and death of wife in case of Aadi and Antya Nadi.
  • In many cases it gives childlessness, divorce, separation and suffocated married life.
Divorce in married life

* Sometimes, ill effects are negligible if planets are supportive for the married life, because the impact of the planets in one’s horoscope helps to trim the negative impact of Nadi Dosha.

Can Nadi Dosha Be Ignored ?

In my personal opinion, it is must to check the possibilities of Nadi Dosha during match making to take essential measures in the form of remedies, otherwise it’s of no use for the regretting after the marriage. Since you have an options to choose the good married life or bad married life.

Remedies For Nadia Dosha

Exceptions are also stated by our sages to reduce the untoward effects of the Nadi Dosha through Puja, though it depends that which type of Puja is required to be done before marriage for the happy and prosperous married-life. Therefore it’s a subject to prior analysis of the couples chart to assess the overall chances of compatibility and solutions for the Nadi Dosha. However, the below suggested remedies are strongly recommended if in case Nadi Dosha still forms during match making.

Sages has suggested some remedies to mitigate the ill effects of Nadi Dosha are as follows:

1. Recite Mahamrityunjaya Japam before concluding the marriage.

2. Donate gold, silver and cow to purohit ji, who performing the Japam for Nadi Dosha.

I hope this answers your concern, i would be glad to answer your comments, for further clarification you can watch this You Tube video.

nadi Dosha tutorial video

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Astrologer Subhash Sharma


  1. Sir namasthe. Am a girl from Karnataka. Me and the boy has same nadi i.e Anthya nadi. We are loving each other. My Rashi is thula and his is makara. My nakshatra is Swati and his is Uttarashada. Nakshatra charan of mine is 4 and his is 2. Can we marry and lead a happy married life without any Ill effect. Plz suggest me sir. Am really very much worried sir.


    1. Namaste sir, Am a girl from Bihar, me and my partner have nadi dosha as well as bhakoot dosha. We both have adi nadi my nadi is adra pada 3 zodiac sign Mithun and his purvabhadrapada pada 1 zodiac sign kumbha. Can we get married without any bad effects??? We both love each other and can’t live without
      eachother. Please help me sir


  2. Hi,
    Boy have madhya nadi and girl have amdhya nadi .
    Boy nakshatra is Purva ashada.
    Girl nakshatra is Uttara Badrapada.
    Can we get married.


  3. Hi Subhash Sir,
    I’m planning to get married but on checking we found out that we have Antya Nadi Dosh, please suggest if there is any solution
    Boy’s details-
    21-10-98 8:15 PM
    Girl’s details-
    18-08-97 2:40 AM


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