What is Sasa Mahapurush Yoga in Astrology with example and Calculation

Sasa Mahapurush Yoga is one of the most powerful and dignified Raj Yoga, which gives all sort of happiness in life and blesses with the conveyance, wealth, good health, good relations, good career life, name, fame social status, good relations with the government. Native attains steep success in every areas of life.

Saturn is strong and placed in the Cardinal house, similarly the presence of Saturn placed in three signs namely Capricorn, Mool Trikona sign; Aquarius and Libra. Within 1-10 degrees, along with when Saturn is present in 4th, 7th and 10th houses,

Whereas this Yoga is not much effective for and Cancer Leo Lagna, because for Cancer, Saturn is 8th house lord and for Leo Lagna it is 6th and 7th house lordship. On the other hand, for Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn Lagna it doesn’t as much good results.

Cancellation of Sasa MahaPurush Yoga

if associated with the Sun.

If Yoga giving planet is combust or weak.

If it is aspected by it’s debilitation sign lord.

If Weak Moon joins with Yoga giving planet.

If Yoga giving planet conjoins with the Ketu.

If the lord of the sign Yoga producing planet is conjunct or aspect by it’s debilitation lord for example for Sasa Yoga, Saturn is a Yoga producing planet and it’s exaltation sign lord is Venus, but it get debilitated in Virgo sign and it’s lord is Mercury, so any relation between them gives cancellation of this Yoga.


Astroguru Subhash

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