Astrological benefits of Ruby (Manik)

Ruby is a gemstone assigned to Sun. Since Sun is a planet of soul, self pride, royalty, aggression, strong immune power, good eyesight, relations with higher authority or government, respect in society, good relations with father, success in career life or education. Whenever Sun gets afflicted in the birth chart it leads to the problems to it’s significations

Gemstones are formed from minerals through natural process o nature by following the perfect pressure and heat. Ruby gemstones are available in generally pink, light or dark red color. There are several mines – Sedan or Burma mines from where it is extracted from. Substitute of ruby are – Red garnet, red agate or Surya Kant Mani.

Benefits of Ruby

If Sun is a lord of benefic houses of your birth chart i.e. 1, 5, 9 houses you must wear Ruby. Whereas in case of friendly ascendants it can be worn also.

It gives relief from low immunity

Success in career life

Good relations with father or government authorities, boss etc.

Success in love relations.

Success in education

Helps to cure the health issues related to bones, eyes, gall bladder, heart, blood pressure.

Note: It is suggested to wear those are born is Leo ascendant, Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius ascendants, because Mars, Moon and Jupiter are friends of Sun.

Suggested Finger: As, ring finger is known as for the Ruby and Ruby is suggested to worn studded in Copper, Gold or Panch dhatu only. Whereas wearing in neck is also suggested if someone like to wear in neck also.

Some Important Instructions

In order to get the good and actual results from any gemstone, it is must that the stone should be natural, non heated, non treated, should be ideal in weight and free from any blemishes or major spots in it, however natural gemstones may have some natural marks or inclusions in it but these can be used.

Ratti or Carat

Ideally as per astrological uses an astrologer suggests the weight of any stone as per the strength o any planet, if planet is more weak or afflicted then go for the more than 4 to 8 carat in weight.

For your reference: – 1 carat is 200mg and 1Ratti is 180mg, both are ideal as per the astrological uses and both can be used for strengthening the planets.

Some Important Lab Testing Parameters

Refractive Index

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes in or out of a gem. The angle of refraction in the stone determines its RI. Gemstones with a high Refractive Index are more brilliant than those with a low Refractive Index.

Specific Gravity

Specific gravity is the ratio that indicates the weight of a given object compared to that of an equal volume of water at a specific temperature. So it is must that any gemstone should have ideal specific gravity to get results.


Now a days in large number there is a heat treated stones are available in the market, so avoid to buy any heat treated gemstones if you want to get natural and best effects from any gemstone.


Weight of any gemstone should be ideal, low weight may not give you actual results. Understand with the example, if someone is having fever and taking the half table for fever then hey may get partial or incomplete relief from the fever, but full dose of medicine will give complete relief from the fever, therefore always wear gemstone of appropriate weight.

For any gemstones related query you can freely raise your query, I will be glad to clear your confusions related to the gemstones.


Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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