Auspicious or inauspicious what Yoga’s are present in your birth chart?

As the blend of positive and negative energies of planets directly controls over our life, the dominance of the auspicious planetary factors in the form of Yoga’s gives all around success and native achieves success through his endeavors similarly if the dominance of the negative energy increases due to inauspicious Yoga’s then it arises lots of problems and sufferings in life.

Auspicious Yoga or Yoga’s of Royalty, Prosperity and Success:

Mahabhagya Yoga (Luck)
Panchayat Maha-Purusha Yoga
Hamsa Yoga
Malavya Yoga
Laxmi Yoga

Yoga’s related or Miseries and Problems:

Dainya Yoga (Miserable Yoga)
Deha Kashta Yoga (Illness or Diseases)
Nirbhagya Yoga (Bad Luck)
Daridra Yoga (Absence of Income)

Negative or inauspicious Yoga’s results as follows:

Failures, Struggle, Hardships, Diseases, Losses in business, imprisonments, Penalties from Government, Accidents, Delay in marriage, childlessness, miscarriages, False allegations, Defamation’s, Struggle in professional life, Devoid from happiness.
As there are Thousands of auspicious and inauspicious Yoga’s are suggested by our sages, a learned astrologer finds these combinations of Yoga’s by using the astrological concepts and formulas, though it’s a bit tough task to find applicable Yoga’s as per the individuals chart, because it’s a laborious task and takes lots of calculations.
When it is confirmed that any inauspicious Yoga is creating obstructions and failures in life, then it becomes quite easily also to find perfect solutions of the root cause of problems. Sometimes many of us performs irrelevant remedies rather than performing the actual remedies for the inauspicious Yoga’s and all this leads to frustrations and loss of belief on luck and Astrology also.

Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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