How do i cure Mangal Dosha ?

Mangal Dosha

So many sayings according the experiences, but primarily you need to know that “Why this Mangal Dosh present in your chart” then after we can say anything.

Mars is Fiery, energetic, Mars is capable to cause delay in marriage. Mars is also responsible for the other marital life problems like, fights, divorce, disagreements, ego clashes, separation, disharmonious and suffocated married life.

Mars is an aggressive planets due to its fiery and aggressive nature, problems occurs in married life. Worst married life is not only experienced due the Manglik Dosh, there are so many other planetary factors are also responsible for this.

Mars affects the feelings of ego clashes and unnecessarily disputes, the effects of Mars germinate the feelings that, I AM RIGHT. this is the main issue and root cause of the suffocation’s in married life.

Delay is caused by Mars because it is the natural significance of Mars. Our Vedic scriptures also reveals this truth, you have watched in the TV serial also, that how Mars created a delay and separation for Shani’s Marriage due to direct confrontation.

As a remedy there are so many remedies are available but always remember that some ignorant and less knowledge d Pandits and Astrologers blindly misguiding the innocent clients as Victimized them through creating HOAX of Mangal Dosh.

Ghat Vivah, Kumbh Vivah, Tulsi Vivah, are strictly suggested when there is Dual Marriage Yog is present in native’s chart.

Before performing this you are advised to confidently ask from your Pandit or Astrologer, that does there is having dual marriage Yog in my chart or not,

There are so many effective remedies are also suggested from or Sages to nullify the adverse effects of Mangal Dosh, these are effective.

  1. Fasting on Tuesday’s
  2. Donating Red articles on Tuesday
  3. applying chameli oil and offering Chola to Hanuman Ji.
  4. Donating sweets to the boys of age group under 15 years every Tuesday’s.

So, for all when we are having easy solutions of Mangal Dosh, then it is not necessary to opt for the expensive and critical remedies.

You think that these expensive remedies would benefit you, rather here only only indirectly you are benefiting the pandit who is performing this Pujan.

Thanks i hope this will help you to understand about the Mangal Dosh. and it’s remedial solutions. For any professional Astrological advice you can contact.


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