Why there are lots of problems in my life?

Life comes with the what destiny imprint on it, this destiny unfolds the chapters as chapters of pleasures and pains. Some have in them more of disappointments, setbacks and some are with happiness and pleasures with a mix. As the full control of planets on our life directs our life to bear fruits in the form of happiness or grief, similarly some of the lucky individuals born with the silver spoon in their mouth but unluckily few are not. Likewise some are tend to enjoy All sort of happiness and luxuries of life because, their planets are supportive and gives happiness from the all spheres. Contrary to this the unfavorable planetary positioning in the natal chart makes one to struggle with the miseries and various problems by despicable life.

Let’s understand which are the astrological factors which are responsible for the problems and successful life:

Since our stars acts like a fuel to boost our luck factor to receive the desired results of our efforts. The strength of the planets unfolds the overall picture of life, thus Kendra and Trine houses of the natal chart if occupied by the beneficial or supportive planets then native gets results of bounty, though Karma factor is also plays a crucial role so Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu always found supportive to the lucky individuals because, these planets are related to the past life Karmas.

For unlucky individuals – their planets always found weak and afflicted in their charts, and often seems that 5th house (Prarabdh Karma) and 9th house (Sanchit Karma) houses found afflicted, plus Rahu and Ketu be always less supportive or weak.
Temporary phase of problems – Sometimes the cruel planets in the prevailing dasha sequences results in various problems, but this phase remains not for longer, whenever supportive dasha planet joins to the Mahadasha lord problems starts get decreasing.
But sometimes some natural malefic planets like Saturn Rahu or Ketu lasts problems for longer period because their Dasha phase is long compared to the other benefic planets. Thereby the intensity of the problems experienced for the longer duration.

Affliction to the natural beneficial planets – since any affliction to the Moon, Jupiter or Venus causes some lacking of happiness in life because, these beneficial planets if found weak or blemished then it should be counted as the factor for the struggle or setbacks in life.

How remedies are useful in alleviating the problems

If planets or houses are blemished then, by donating articles related to the afflicted planets bring smoothness in life.
Paying sincere devotion to the stars and giving exact amount of regard to those to which planet stands for. In short – if Sun is afflicted then lay regard to your father and try to make healthy relation with your father.
Jupiter signifies, religion, dharma if it gets afflicted then, by paying respect to the elders of the family, gurus, father or by doing charity helps in strengthening to Jupiter.

Summary: Astrology has sound ways to invoke unfavorable concerned planets which are resulting badly, if posited badly in chart or affecting life during their Dasha transit. Thus propitiatory rites together with sincere virtues actions and adoration helps to get desired results from the stars.

Acharya Subhash Sharma

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