Remedy for Saturn Sade Sati with Rudraksha?

With the Rudraksha you can deviate the unfavorable results of Saade Saati. To pacify the Saturn’s bad effects 7 Mukhi rudraksh gives miraculous results and helps to pacify Saturn.


Deity of this Rudraksha is Mahalaxmi and the planet signifies to this is, Saturn. Since Saturn demands strict discipline during its saade saati phase, thereby maintain devotion with strict discipline you can curb the negative effects of Saturn even during the Saade Saati or it’ Mahadasha phase.

7 mukhi rudraksha are easily available and can be worn in thread and silver or gold chains, so 7 mukhi rudraksha is an ideal choice of remedy those are sincerely adheres to the do’s and don’ts while wearing this holy bead. Which are – stay away from alcohol, non-veg and bad deeds, then Saturn would support you because of your Karma and changes in life done by you.




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