What is the effect of Ketu and Saturn combination in Kundali?

Ketu and Saturn, if one is petrol then another one is fire, both are destructive and this conjunction is known as Saturn-Ketu Shapit Dosha. Both are separative and top class heavy malefics.

Saturn and Ketu are very different from each other, with Saturn reminding you of what you can’t get and Ketu in a pursuit of squandering everything. They create anxiety about losing what you have which might lead to stress and even self harming.

Under this conjunction where the shadow of renunciation and detachment Ketu meets the strict disciplinarian Saturn, it creates a unique energy. It gives you opportunity to make a strong mark. However, you under this conjunction might not necessarily be honest all the time as you try to compromise values to get success at times.

Ketu causes you to move in another direction and will make you cunning and more of a devil’s advocate. You are bound to only do things that benefit you. This conjunction produces the high level if anxieties and stress. Shapit means cursed, since this conjunction makes your life to face challenges and obstacles in life, because the past life deeds are coming in front of you.

This conjunction is likely to take you away from your homeland since Ketu and Saturn is the karaka of foreign things and Saturn signifies separation from family. But it doesn’t guarantees you to have successful career in abroad, somehow you may bang up in abroad or you may have successful in foreign land, similarly for this some other factors needs to be analyzed to chance the foreign career chances.


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