What happens if Saturn is in the 7th house of horoscope?

Position of the Saturn in 7th house draws the attention for various prospects of life because, Saturn is the God of Justice and well versed for the resentments and delays. Since 7th house holds the importance for marriage and partnerships, similarly marriage is also a life long partnership, so for marriage sector Saturn activates and affects many factors.

Those having Saturn in the 7th house, faces delay in getting married and their spouse might be having some major age difference in between them.
Those individuals are facing delay in getting married then Saturn would be the major factor behind creating delay for marriage, whereas other factors like Mangal Dosha also act in causing delay. So this is fact that Saturn in the 7th house leads in the delay.

Married Life Problems

Saturn in 7th house harm the happiness of married life, Saturn creates tastelessness and ego clashes between the couples. The resin of fights could be due to the difference of opinions which leads to cause of fights, if problems increases then, separation or divorces also happens.

Summary: Saturn is significantly of renunciation and Tyag, so being in the 7th house, native doesn’t enjoys married life and this is also a factor of problems of married life.


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