What are the effects of Rahu in the 8th house?

For some individuals Rahu could be bad but if it is having good aspects then it would be considered as the good.

What are the effects of Rahu in the 8th house?

Rahu and 8th house is just like a fuel to the fire. Since 8th house is seen for many prospects, these are positive or negative both. Since 8th house is one of the house from “Trik Bhava” house of problems, hurdles and impediments.

On the other hand Rahu – it is mysterious, illusive, deceptive by nature, as 8th house is like a funeral home and Rahu is best seen for the Tantrik activities and monotony because no one feels happyin the graveyard or funeral home because these are the place where dead body finds the right place.

Lots of importance are assigned to 8th house, but being Rahu here increases the significance of 8th house it may be to the positive side or negative side depends upon some other planetary factors like,

  • Dasha sequence
  • Conditions of the dispositor of 8th house
  • Benefic or malefic effects on the 8th house
  • Transit of planets
  • Ashtakvarga points in which house 8th house lord is posited.

Now the above mentioned factors have to keep in mind to understand the effects which are going to mentioned above. Let’s understand about the personality and mental state of those having Rahu in 8th house.

Personality and traits

These individuals are courageous, bold and dauntless. Because Rahu in 8th house gives courage and manipulations tactics. 8th house denotes secrecy and Rahu is a master of secrecy and vigilance. These individuals inquire the concepts and matters to underneath and explore out the truth and hidden matters related to it.

This placement of Rahu make ones a good researcher because Rahu is the prime significantly of research and research work.
Due to the explorer qualities native remains inclined towards to explore new ideas and work. On the other hand being Rahu in the 8th house directly influence to the 2nd house which is seen for the speech and this area is also influenced by Rahu.
Now let’s discuss about some negative impact of Rahu in 8th house:

If Rahu is getting is getting the negative impact on it then Rahu can lead to some problems which are;

  • Native may have unnecessary fear
  • Low confidence
  • Health issues
  • Fickle minded
  • Hurdles
  • Failures in education
  • Disputes related to the inheritance of property

So it’s important to understand the both aspects of Rahu in 8th house, because Rahu is known for the name, fame and success but if it is not in the state in giving the good results then life may have some sufferings.

I hope this answer may help you to better understand about the Rahu.

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