Do twins have same horoscope?

Similarities in the twins Horoscope

Twins born from the same womb but only the similarities are there that, they are identical with their faces only but the nature, likes, dislikes and even their destiny is different.

This is mostly seen that if we look upon to the horoscopes of two twins we find similarities in the planetary position in lagna kundali, twins born in the identical planetary position in their horoscope but there is a fact behind that if we analyse horoscope seriously and thoroughly then we find the difference in their planetary position.

Planetary position changes are found in the divisional charts because actual picture is revealed only and only by the divisional charts because there will be difference in birth of two twins baby occurs in between 5 to 15 minutes and difference even for the 1 minute or seconds matters because due to this difference in time change can give the changes in the nakshatras, sublords, and sub sub Lords.

Main and important query is ! If twins having the same planetary combinations they should have same destiny? But it doesn’t happens because of the actual and underneath condition is different in between both the child.

Question comes how to study horoscopes in case of twins?

  • D 60 chart helps lots to study the actual difference between twins horoscope.
  • KP method is also very useful to study twins horoscope.
  • Palmistry also helps to study twins destiny.


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