What are the indications of a bad Rahu?

Rahu represents the shadow of the moon. It has the power to darken the moon, negate and obstruct. It represents paranoia, trance, hallucinations, psychosis, and other similar negative mental states. It is even capable of overcoming the Moon (the mind). It can go to the extent of limiting other planets.

Putting an obstruction on the Sun, it may lead to confusions in illusion, indecision, and imagination, about oneself. There are instances when an individual loses oneself to psychic or collective influences under the power of Rahu. it is highly dangerous to the mood.

The primary virtues of Rahu happen to be disease, enmity, and debt.

Bad signs and symptoms of the Rahu

  • You suffer from abortions, miscarriages, or your child is sick and unhealthy.
  • You see unexpected financial loss, loss of property, theft, loss of income and other natural disasters.
  • Your home is suddenly breaking down and in need of big repairs and maintenance.
  • Whether your house is old or new, you have many pests like mosquitoes, lizards, and ants, etc. that do not leave even if you try.
  • Vehicles and other amenities start breaking down or get stolen.
  • Suddenly, your peaceful and happy life is disrupted.
  • Your family members are constantly fighting and having problems.
  • You suddenly become rude and mean, and start committing offences in your personal and professional life.
  • Your well-wishers begin wishing ill of you.
  • You lose interest in prayers and religion.

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