Remedies to curb the negative effects of Ketu

Remedies to deviate the negative effect of Ketu:

Ketu is a planet of hurdles and obstructions, but Lord Ganesha is well versed for the removal of hurdles and obstacles, that’s why lord Ganesha is called as Vighana Harta, viz, who removes hurdles and miseries from life.

Likewise Lord Ganesha is the ruling deity of Ketu, thus worship of lord Ganesha removes the negative burdens of Ketu and makes person with full of directions.

Furthermore, recite Ketu’s beej mantra to pacify it. As recitation of Mantra done by sitting on the dual colored, black and white blanket, and chant Mantra by Rudraksh rosary.

Om Sraam Sreem Sraum Sah: Ketwe Namah:

Mantra enhances to recover from the bad effects which are created in life.

I hope this answers your query, and will prove beneficial to remove the negative effects of Ketu from life.

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