How do you know if the Sun is good or bad in your horoscope?

Sun is soul and it is must that should should be in the healthy state, similarly the strong position of the Sun in chart strengthens our soul to tackle any conditions of life. Sun is a king of all Navgrahas if Sun is strong then native possess royal qualities, since the royalty is must if you want to win over the issues and various problems, because life is full of problems and next to hurdles and many problems and for these problems you must required to deal all problems and issues like a king and make victory to achieve desired success. The powerful Sun makes the native center of attention among the people.

Role of Sun

Sun: God Sun, lively visible to all and perfect in timings, you can observer the exact timings of sunrise and sunset whatever there is climatic conditions, Sun knows it’s duties, it makes the person powerful, commanding, forceful, dynamic and dominant.

Similarity if someone having strong positioning of Sun in the chart then it gives, leadership quality.sincerity, perfection, aggression, royalty in the approach, good relations with the father, teachers, favor from Government.

The native could suffer from health issues, financial issues and social issues etc.

The afflicted Sun restricts to enjoy the happiness and you might not get credit for the task and leads to the failures in attempts.

Personal professional life get affected badly, colleagues in the office and profession might be inimical, blood relatives, friends cheat and leads to the cause of problems.

Difference of opinion with, father and son, senior management and superior people.

since there are some planets which are rival to the Sun, if Sun is afflicted by the malefic Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, then it reflects the serious problems in life. similarly if you have been suffering from the problems then you can understand that the related problems directly indicates the afflicted and weak state of Sun.

Weak Sun and Results

Whereas if Sun is weak, afflicted in the chart then, it gives; bad relations between son and father, problems from Government, failures in getting Government job, penalties, litigation, defame, betrayal from the loved ones.

Health issues: Sun rules over the bones; an afflicted Sun leads to the gall bladder stones formation, and deformities in the bones, skull or cervical problems, blood pressure. Acidity is also common problems because due to the weak gall bladder body doesn’t incorporates the viand taken and it’s not metabolized properly and causes problems of acidity.

Sun is the significator of right eye, similarly if Sun is afflicted in the Horoscope, then it leads to the problems related to the eyes, even it can leads to the loss of vision, impaired vision.

On the other hand Sun is the Karka of salt, oftentimes it is notices that, native having weak Sun consumes excess salt in their diet, since this is also the reason for the high blood pressure problems.

Summary: there are various factors which are analyzed to assess the strength of Sun in the chart, likewise Vargas, Ashtakvarga, Shadbala, placement of Sun in D1 chart, conjunction and aspects on it. Remember rays of Sun are must for everyone, in order to get divine blessings make it strong with the help of Astrology, remedies can be performed as per the strength but it depends on the chart to chart and remedies are defined as per the Sun in chart.

Simple and best remedy and anyone can perform this; serve water to the rising Sun and respect your father and gurus, to get auspicious effects of Sun.

I hope this answers your concern.


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