How do I test whether a Rudraksha is pure or fake?

Now a days there are number of genius minds who can create duplicate or identical products of anything. Generally 2 to 6 Mukhi Rudraksha are easily available and no one goes to make duplicate of 2 to 6 mukhi Rudraksha, but if we move ahead from 7 Mukhi Rudraksha then it is must to check the Rudraksha whether it is genuine or fake.

Note: if you’re exact medicine then it would give you effects but on the other hand taking of low cost medicines or low value medicine then it may not give you as much as good results as compared to the branded or good quality medicine.

Similarly wearing fake or fabricated Rudraksha may give you the feel of Rudraksha but it will not give you results as compared to the original Rudraksha.

There are many tricks to check the authencity of Rudraksha but the only authentic way to check the originality of Rudraksha is X Ray testing.

For any Rudraksha X Ray is most authentic way to find the originality and duplicacy of any Rudraksha.

You can see clearly the compartments of Rudraksha, these divisions are counted as a mukhi of Rudraksha.

Look if you want to know about 5 mukhi Rudraksha then check physically the lines over the Rudraksha, then check X Ray film all will show 5 number of compartments and lines.

So if you want to get checked your Rudraksha then you may visit to the nearby gems testing laboratory those having X Ray testing facility or you can visit to any dentist to get it checked your Rudraksha originality.

I hope this answers your concern, feel free to comment, I would feel glad to answer.



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