Can Nadi Dosha be ignored?

There is difference in opinions between who believes to Nadi Dosha and others who don’t believes, since it’s a matter of complete belief and faith, similarly for those who are having faith on Astrological system, rituals, and beliefs then it matters a lot for them.

However contrary to this those who don’t believes this Dosha or Astkoota matching then no one can force them to develop faith over this. Faith and belief generate when someone faces problems related to married life, then they rush to the Astrologers for solutions.

Importance of Nadi Dosha

After having practical experience in marriage related I found number of cases those who skipped or lineliently taken horoscope matching, because of the neglected most important factors cost them in the form of child related issues.

So matching should be done by experienced Astrologer and if there is any Dosha then during Marriage or before marriage suitable remedies should be performed to negate the unfavorable effects of Dosha which may cause further problems in married life.

Why Nadi Matching is Must

Nadi Dosha – this is one of the most important parameter out of 8 matching factors. Apart from all above 7 matching factors Nadi Dosha consideration prior to marriage is must, because due to Nadi Dosha some serious problems are possible in the married life, so it can’t be ignored due to it’s importance for happiness in married life.

As total 36 points or Gunas are assigned to matching parameters which are known as the Astkootas or matching koota parameters.

The average matching points are 18 out of 36, since the higher gunas attained describes the happiness in married life whereas low obtained scores indicates no compatibility between the charts.

Kundali Matching

Kundali milan is important in order to get happy and blissfully married life, the ideal match bless the natives and it denotes, mental, physical and financial compabilities between the couples.

The primary importance of Nadi matching goes to progeny and happiness in married life, if matching of Horoscopes of both couples shows Nadi Dosha then, this Dosha affects progeny and health of the spouse.

How Nadi Dosha forms

Positioning of Moon in the specified Nakshatra indicates about the birth Nakshatra in which native is born, thus Nakshatra of both couples can be identified by checking the Moon occupied Nakshatra.

Suppose if both girl or a boy’s Nakshatra padas forms the clash of quarters (Charan Vedha) then it forms Nadi Dosha.
E.g. if Boy’s Nakshatra is Hasta and it’s Charan is – 1st, on the other side if, girl’s Nakshatra is – Jyeshtha and it’s quarter or Pada is 4th then there will be clash between the Nakshatra quarters and this causes Nadi Dosha.

Remedy of Nadi Dosha

As a remedial point of view Mahamrityunjay Puja, and donation of Gold to Brahmins or purohit are suggested as a remedial measure for the Nadi Dosh.

I hope this answer would help you to understand the importance of Nadi Dosha. Feel free to comment for any query.


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