Nadi Dosha and it’s cancellation.

Nadi Dosha and it’s cancellation.

Nadi Dosha is formed when both couples having clash between the Nakshatra Charans or any quarter of the Nakshatra causes charan Vedha then Nadi Dosha forms, e.g. if boy is born in the Nakshatra Hasta 1 and girl is born in Jyeshtha 4 then Nakshatra pada vedha takes place and this causes charan Vedha Hence in this case Nadi Dosha takes place.

There are many points mentioned in the Astrological classics which depicts the cancellation of Nadi Dosha.

As per various claasical texts, Nadi Dosha related information can be read, you can check by reading below suggested classic books which are as follows.

  • Jyotish Saar
  • Muhurt Martand
  • Sage Varah Mahir
  • Shri Narada
  • If boy and girl are born in the same Nadi and if there is no Nakshtra Vedha.
  • E.g boy is Hasta 1 and girl is Jyeshtha 1, 2, 3, then it nullifies the Nadi Dosha. Same principle applies for other cases.
  • If boy and girl are in the same nakshatra, same rashi bit in the different Nakshatra pada.
  • If boy and girls born in the different Nakshatra but rashi are same.

For Nadi Dosha exceptions and to deviate the unfavorable effects of Dosha are also stated by our sages to reduce Nadi Dosha through Puja.

Though it depends upon the type of Nadi dosha and due to Nakshatra vedha, which type of Puja is required to be done before marriage for the happy and prosperous married-life.

It’s a subject to prior analysis of the couples chart and Nakshatra to assess the overall chances of compatibility and solutions for the Nadi Dosha.


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