How do i become mentally strong Astrologically ?

There are many happenings, relations, choices and petty things which causes mental distortions. If we can’t perform up to the level or due to the non-fulfillment of wishes and expectations from others doesn’t fulfills then these issues may causes some problems to the soft mind to disturb it’s ambiance.

There are many ways through which you can make your mind strong which are:

  • Be neutral to things
  • Don’t be much possessive
  • Respect yourself
  • Keep practicing of self affirmation
  • Always be focused to your goals
  • Respect your parents, because they are the main emotional supporters
  • Share your views to parents, you may find proper and beneficial solutions from parents.
  • Sound health conditions supports to make healthy mind, thereby outdoor games help you a lot to make your mentally strong.
  • Spare time for you, improve your lifestyle outlook, by grooming yourself, shopping, or by changing your getup.

As these are practical solutions to make yourself mentally strong, furthermore some astrological solutions boost the chances in getting the desired effects to get effects at earliest.

Moon is the significator or mind and Mars is your action, confidence, courage. Sun is your soul, your self pride, if these stars are in the healthy state in your natal chart then you will attain desired results quickly, but if these are weak then some corrections to these stars must be required.

For this birth chart mapping help to deduce the proper analysis to find the effective solutions. For general remedies you can offer water to the rising Sun, offer milk to the Shiv linga, and worship Lord Hanuman Ji, to strengthen the key planets which can give you the strong mental state.

I hope this would be helpful.


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